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Formed in 1952, this non-profit society is staffed by volunteers dedicated to preserving local history and operating the museum for the benefit of visitors, including students, from throughout the San Gabriel Valley.  Permanent exhibits bring our unique history alive, and revolving exhibits assure there is always something to see.  Society memberships include history-related programs, nature walks, quarterly newsletter, and help maintain the Museum building.


The rich history of the area will also be preserved and interpreted by the Duarte Museum through displays and exhibits that visually present the cultural and historical events of the past.  The Duarte Historical Society and Museum will also bring together members, scholars, teachers, students and the general public for the learning experience and exchange of ideas by those interested in our California history generally and that of the City of Duarte and San Gabriel Valley specifically.  The Duarte Historical Society & Museum shall also advocate for the preservation of historic structures and sites.


The mission of the Duarte Historical Society & Museum is to collect and preserve materials pertaining to the history of the City of Duarte and the San Gabriel Valley.  The Duarte Historical Society will promote interest in and appreciation of the City of Duarte’s and San Gabriel Valley’s past through presentations at meetings and community events as well as through exhibitions, educational programs and publications and in facilitating historic research.




Claudia Heller has served as the Museum president since 1992. She supports the mission of the Museum and would like to continue on the Board to work towards organizing its business responsibilities, organizing the Museum library and updating exhibits. She is retired from a career as a legal secretary/office manager and is past president of the Duarte Woman’s Club.

Sheri Uhlig has been a volunteer at the museum for more than fifteen years and as Vice President she supervises and schedules the docents and steps in for the president when necessary. She helps with projects and meetings whenever needed.   Sheri is also a member of the Duarte Woman's Club and is former treasurer of the Duarte Public Access Channel (DCTV). She is also a past block captain for Neighborhood Watch.

Steve Baker has served as the Museum and Society treasurer for more than thirty years, keeping the books and records in good shape. He is the unofficial historian for the cities of Monrovia and Duarte and possesses a wealth of information about local history. Those seeking historical information on Duarte usually end up talking with Steve who either knows the information or researches it. He also serves as City Clerk for Monrovia.

Zoe Osburn has been recently appointed as the Historical Society Secretary. A woman of many talents, Zoe is a vermiculturalist and has worked in a variety of capacities including managing a bed and breakfast, and owner of a café, and of a commercial printing business. She currently lives on the Duarte Mesa where she raises worms and is an organic gardener.

Boyd Leeson, Museum Director is an electrical engineer and has used his talents to keep the Museum building in good shape for more than fifteen years. From major work such as arranging for the newly installed fire and burglar alarms to fixing plumbing flaws, exhibit hanging, repairing broken fixtures, he is always on hand to make sure the building is in good shape.

Dilip Tiwari has recently joined the Duarte Historical Society Board of Directors as Assistant Curator and has been archiving the vast collection of artifacts, newspaper clippings and other items of historical and cultural significance. He is a licensed architect and a member of the Duarte Community Service Council since 1990. For the past seven years he has been an active member and auditor of the Community Service Council.

Jack Ochoa is a recently appointed Board Member. He is a seasoned executive with over twenty years of experience in government sales and marketing. Throughout his adult life, Jack has been active in Duarte by contributing his time to a variety of charitable and educational organizations. He is looking forward to spearheading fundraising for the Historical Society & Museum.

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