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Monthly Support Program

All donations, Large and small make a difference in the programs we offer the community. 


We have set up a monthly donation program that will support all levels of donations that will have a minimal impact to your budget. 


For the monthly investment in our community for less than a cup of coffee to a higher investment that you feel supports your personal mission to give back to the community, a monthly recurring donation will increase the level of services we can offer the Rancho de Duarte region.


Additional services include:

  • Outreach to Elementary and Middle schools to become familiar with the deep history of Rancho de Duarte
  • Opening additional days to support visitors and local Rancho de Duarte residents: Wednesday-Sunday (weekly)
  • Extending hours of operation to support regional programs: 9AM - 5PM
  • Rancho de Duarte Bird Watching Tours
  • Ranch de Duarte Trails Tours
  • Regional Resource Exhibit Sharing Program
  • Student Scholarship Program for volunteer student Docent Program

Please make your selection below via PayPal.


Thank you in advance for your monthly donation.

Monthly Support Program

Route 66 Room Dedication in Honor of Claudia and Alan Heller


June 30, 2024, 3 p.m.

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