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Steve Baker also served as the treasurer, docent, and historian for the Duarte Historical Museum from 1991 until April, 2022.

Historian Steve Baker

Steve Baker served as the official town historian of Monrovia from 1991 until his unexpected death in April of 2022. His knowledge and instant recall of all things in Monrovia's past and present earned him the well deserved admiration of all those wishing to learn more about the town's past.


Created and designed by Brad Haugaard, a member of the Monrovia Historical Society, the web app allows users to locate specific locations in Monrovia, to learn about the buildings that existed over 100 years ago, which homes and buildings are still standing today, and learn about the events that shaped Monrovia's history.

The Harvey Girls: Civilizers of the Wild West

By Lynne Miller


July 21, 2024, 3 p.m.

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