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Monthly Support Program

All donations, Large and small make a difference in the programs we offer the community. 


We have set up a monthly donation program that will support all levels of donations that will have a minimal impact to your budget. 


For the monthly investment in our community for less than a cup of coffee to a higher investment that you feel supports your personal mission to give back to the community, a monthly recurring donation will increase the level of services we can offer the Rancho de Duarte region.


Additional services include:

  • Outreach to Elementary and Middle schools to become familiar with the deep history of Rancho de Duarte
  • Opening additional days to support visitors and local Rancho de Duarte residents: Wednesday-Sunday (weekly)
  • Extending hours of operation to support regional programs: 9AM - 5PM
  • Rancho de Duarte Bird Watching Tours
  • Ranch de Duarte Trails Tours
  • Regional Resource Exhibit Sharing Program
  • Student Scholarship Program for volunteer student Docent Program

Please make your selection below via PayPal.


Thank you in advance for your monthly donation.

Monthly Support Program

The Harvey Girls: Civilizers of the Wild West

By Lynne Miller


July 21, 2024, 3 p.m.

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